Tenant Protection Plan

Our revolutionary protection plan

Add a valuable and reliable revenue stream to your facility with the S-Qubed Tenant Protection Plan. S-Qubed pays 50% of the plan monthly revenue.

Additionally, S-Qubed pays your store manager a monthly incentive bonus of $0.50 per policy, so the manager in the example facility would receive a monthly incentive bonus of $160.00 at no cost to the owner.

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Staff Training

Having a well trained store staff is paramount to running an efficient and profitable facility.

Proven Training Program

At S-Qubed, our training program consists of a full 80 hours of training as well as on-going support. We also offer a 40 hour “crash course” for those times when an owner finds themselves in a real pickle and just need someone to pick up the basics quickly.

In-person training is available through the State of Texas. Remote training is available at locations outside of Texas.

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There was a time in our industry when the old field of dreams philosophy of “if you build it, they will come” was good enough. With todays’ competitive marketplace, that simply no longer works. Our marketing team will put together a marketing plan that produces results without blowing your budget out of the water.

Tell us what you’ve got to work with, and we will design a plan that will fit into the scope of your budget.

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